Charles Ernst

3D Artist-Modeler-Animator



I have over 23 years of video game experience in both art and programming, and have contributed to over 40 game titles.I started in the video game industry as an assembly language programmer. As game graphics got more and more complicated there was a serious shortage of technical artists. I found myself training artists more than programming.When the industry shifted to 3d I became a full time 3d artist, and later art director. After a few years at Midway Games I joined the Cinematics Department where I could use my art, effects, technical and animation experience all at once. I became the Cinematics Manager in 2007, overseeing numerous Unreal 3 and pre-rendered cinematics projects. A large part of my responsibility included educating employees on production techniques and pipeline.

I keep current on new software and methods, and truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with younger or less experienced individuals in the industry.


2010- present Part Time instructor, College of Digital Media

DePaul University Chicago

2009- present Lead Technical character artist,

Warner Brothers Interactive

(bought out Midway Games)

2009- present Part time instructor, Video Effects

Flashpoint Academy Chicago

1999-2009 Lead artist and Cinematics manager,

Midway Games

1995-1999 Art director, Studio E

1992-1995 Lead artist and tools programmer,

Black Pearl Software

1990-1992 Programmer, Atari Computer

1987-1990 Programmer-Artist, Banana Development


Additional freelance work

Game Titles:

Mortal Kombat IX WB Interactive

Iphone Tennis Handheld Games

Blitz the League Midway Games, Inc.

Blitz the League 2 Midway Games, Inc.

Espionage Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat Deception Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat Unchained Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Midway Games, Inc.

TNA IMPACT! Midway Games, Inc.

Mortal Kombat MK vs DC Midway Games, Inc.

Small Soldiers Handheld Games

Evander Holyfield Boxing Handheld Games

WCW Wrestling Handheld Games

Furby World Handheld Games

Cart Fury Midway Games, Inc.

Cart Fury Midway Games, Inc.

Blitz 2002 Midway Games, Inc.

Ballers 3 Midway Games, Inc.

Ballers 2 Midway Games, Inc.

Ballers Midway Games, Inc.

Metal Gear Konami

Robowarrior Jaleco

Shadow Complex Epic Games

MoHawk & Headphone Jack THQ Inc.

VMX Racing Playmates

Youngblood RealTime Associates

Rolling Thunder Atari

Blood and Guts Hockey Atari

Turbo Sub Atari

Cabal Atari

Total Carnage Malibu Games

NARC Acclaim

World Atlas Sega

Home Alone Sega

Home Alone2 Sega

The Mask THQ

Jackal Konami